"Will 2019-2020 be the breakthrough year for Canonical?"

EJ Schmidt from ESG has published the article “Will 2019-2020 be the breakthrough year for Canonical?” on 20th Sept 2019:

ESG attended Canonical’s Analyst Day 2019 last week in New York, which featured its management team, including CEO Mark Shuttleworth, as well as customer speakers from BT and partner Atos for an audience of ~60 industry analysts and bankers. Major messages were focused on its vision for both open architecture and open applications, its financial independence, competitive position and growth in enterprise from a license, maintenance, and managed services perspective.


Competitive Displacement in the Enterprise segment

There was significant mention of its GTM success with Ubuntu complemented with MaaS/JuJu, as an alternative to Red Hat/IBM and VMW, citing examples where large enterprises favored Canonical given lower pricing and/or perceived lock-in risk versus its larger competitors. BT’s chief architect Neil McRae spoke to this, as well as ATOS’ VP of Cloud, Bob Seddhig.