Representation of int

It would be usefill that config options of the type int are printed in a non-scientific way.

E.g. print 2678400 in stead of 2.6784e+06, while techically the same value the first one is easier to process

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I believe we use the default YAML formatting, which ends up using scientific notation once it gets >1 Million. I probably agree that right at 1M it would be nicer to just see the digits. But I can understand that eventually, you start counting “how many digits is that” and scientific notation is actually easier to understand.

Is there a point where you would agree, or is it that you would always like to see the normal representation?

(I’m curious what values you’re setting that are in the 2.6M range).

Is the number of seconds in 31 day’s. Some of the applications have these kind of counters so that is why I bumped into them.

And to be honest, I think representing a dns soa serial this way is even worse. (2019010101 is readable, but mangling is scientific makes it look like something else)