Need charm for td-agent (fluent) with bionic to monitor k8s

Need td-agent (fluentd) charm from juju charms store with bionic series to monitor canonical kubernetes cluster. Request to please update.

Sorry that you’re having a problem. Which charm are you referring to? I can’t find a charm named td-agent in the charm store.

Thanks timclicks for your response…

Basically, Im looking for fluentd(td-agent) charm with bionic series to deploy the EFK for kubernetes cluster using [ juju deploy ./bundle] but i had found with trusty series which is incompatible to existing bionic os of cluster.

Just wanted to point out here:

  • Searching for “td-agent” from the Juju GUI will find it as shown in the screenshot above:
  • Searching for “td-agent” from will not find it:

Apparently something is different with the two search boxes.

It’s interesting that the search results are different from each setting. Thanks for letting me know, I’ve found the charm.

td-agent is maintained by Treasure Data. As mentioned in the charm’s readme, you should use their support channels to ask for further information. Adding support for bionic should be simple.

Contact Information

This charm is provided by Treasure Data, if you need further assistance contact us through our support channels.

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Thanks timclicks for your support :slight_smile: