Monitoring (health tests, alerts) juju + MAAS

I’m investigating good ways to monitor juju models. We have a lot of controllers running multiple models. Juju is connected to two separate clouds (one MAAS and one virtualized). Is there any good way to monitor the health of the juju system by exectuting automatic tests and alerting if something is failing? How is monitoring handled in complex juju environments?

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Hi oscarf,

In general, the best practice w/ Juju is to monitor it using the same LMA (Logging Monitoring Alerting) stack that you use to monitor deployed models. There are hooks in Juju that make this possible. Here’s a writeup on the subject with some specific examples.

Some of the guidance on monitoring charmed kubernetes might also be useful.

(Note to other members of the Juju team: the above should probably be incorporated into the core documentation.)