Machine agent on centos performs an upgrade


When adding a centos machine from a MAAS to a model:

$ juju add-machine ssh:root@centos1.maas

The machine agent performs a

yum --assumeyes --debuglevel=1 update

This effectively upgrades the running machine from centos7.6 to centos7.7 which breaks my machine on both userspace software and kernel level.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

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By setting

juju model-config enable-os-upgrade=false

We seem to be able to prevent this. But the documentation states that this is affecting primarily “APT” (deb), rather than “YUM” (rpm).

It would help others by updateing the docs.

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Glad you found the os upgrade bit. Definitely something worth making more clear in the docs. Thanks @erik-lonroth.

@timClicks ping as a heads up.