Juju and LXD networking


I am using this tutorial (https://docs.openstack.org/project-deploy-guide/charm-deployment-guide/latest/install-openstack.html) to set up an OpenStack cluster with Juju.
The guide instructs me to deploy several applications into lxd containers.

At the end of the guide this example output is given:

For me, that’s not how it works tho.
In the example it seems that the lxd containers have IP addresses in the same network as the hosts themselves - when I follow the instructions lxd is configured with a bridged interface (lxdbr0) instead. This seems to be default behavior. But with the bridged interface I am not able to access the services from the outside.
I was trying to make the containers use macvlan instead, by changing the default profile. When I deploy the unit with Juju it still overrides this profile and uses a bridged interface.

How can I make this work? Why does it seem to work out of the box in the example?

I would appreciate any help with issue.