Is there a way to increase frequency of update-status hook?

I am experiencing a massive lag between update times on the update-status hook. Wondering if there is a way while developing or debugging my custom charms to increase it ?

I just print the hour and minute in bash… and then watch juju status

status shows 20:37 and updates every 5 minutes apparently? Meanwhile a minute has passed and the status is not propagating


Is there a hooks tutorial somewhere… so far I have found Charm hooks

I am aware of the operator framework, but for this charm it is purely just installing an .sh file and watching its status via ps

Yes there is :slight_smile:. You’re looking for juju model-config.

This sets the frequency to once per minute:

juju model-config update-status-hook-interval=1m

It’s also possible to run code within the charm’s context outside of the hook cycle when you need even greater control: