How to remove a dead model

I have some models that have had their disks wiped out and are no longer functional. How do I go about removing them from the controller? I have tried “juju remove-machine # --force [–no-wait]”. One of the machines has been fully deleted from the cloud substrate. How do I tell the controller to just “let it go”?


You’re on the right track. The juju remove-machine --force should work. There have been a number of issues fixed in --force removal over the last couple of versions of Juju so it might be worth checking what version you’re on if it’s not working for you.

The controller is on 2.7.0 but the rest of the models are all on 2.6.10. The remove machine happily says that it will do it, but doesn’t accomplish the task.

By using command "juju destroy-model " .The model will be deleted.