Hooks not executed on Openstack VMs

Hello to everyone!
I am using the Juju charms to automatically configure VNFs created through OSM (Release FOUR) on Openstack.
When I deploy the NS, the instances are created correctly in Openstack and the SSH proxy is configured correctly.
However, when I access the VM (either from the console or through SSH) the scripts written in the charms are not executed (e.g., the packages are not installed)
Also, I noticed that the command “juju status” gives an empty reply (should I see the machines in the juju status or it is ok that the instances are only shown on the Openstack dashboard? ).
How can I resolve this issue?
Thank you!!

You should certainly see the instances in ‘juju status’ though perhaps they are in a different model?

Offhand it sounds like the VM images you are running aren’t configured to use cloud-init to initialize the scripts, which means they wouldn’t install the juju agent onto those machines, (and thus not call back to the juju controller to finish initialization of the charms and then run the charm code itself).

I don’t know the details of how OSM drives a Juju model, though.

In this case, you’d want to check the logs of the LCM to see why the charm wasn’t deployed. This will be a proxy charm, so the charm itself is deployed to LXD. In this case that step doesn’t seemed to have occurred.

If possible, I also recommend trying the latest release of OSM. R4 is two versions behind and no longer supported by the community.