Deploying Neutron-Gateway on a container


I would like some guidelines on how to deploy neutron gateway on a controller. I recently discovered that deploying nova and gateway on the same host there’s an incompatibility issue, and one of the solutions suggest is to run Gateway on a container.

I tried that yesterday with not much luck,

  • Metadata service was not connecting
  • I was not getting any error on the logs
  • Couldn’t connect to a instance
  • Each time i wanted to Ip nets into the router, I was getting a permission error: Could not mount System volume

I believe that it could be a wrong configuration option that I am using. As you can see below:

    bridge-mappings:         "physnet1:br-ex"
    data-port:               "br-ex:enp5s0f1"
    action-managed-upgrade: True
    openstack-origin: cloud:bionic-stein

Where - enp5s0f1 is the name of the unconfigured NIC that i have on a metal machine controlled by MAAS.
Do I need to use a different configuration to have neutron on a container?

thanks again

The interface enp5s0f1 is on the bare metal, not accessible by the container. You have to bridge that interface with the container network.