"Canonical Aims for a Bigger Bite of the Telco Pie, with New Charmed OSM Distribution"

Juju has appeared in an industry report covering the release of Charmed OSM in the Computer Business Review:

Even simply running the open source iteration themselves, using Charmed OSM they can reduce deployment times of complex OSM clusters from “weeks to hours” in an automated process that makes use of Juju, the service orchestration/application modelling tool, and Juju charms, Canonical claims.

(Juju charms are collections of scripts and metadata which contain “all necessary logic required” to install, configure and connect applications.)

“Charms can also significantly simplify daily operational tasks such as upgrades or scale-out the cluster on demand, while native cooperation with other Charmed applications such as Charmed Kubernetes decreases complexity, thereby reducing operational costs” Canonical’s Sarah Dickinson said.

“To ensure cluster resiliency and maximise uptime, Charmed OSM can be deployed in an HA mode allowing telcos to meet their availability goal.”

The company rolled out engineering giant Altran as a customer, with Altran NFV Solution Director Ramon Armada saying in a blog November 20: “The introduction of Charmed OSM into the market emphasises OSM’s momentum in the telco industry. Charmed OSM, deployed with Juju, fully automates the installation process and drastically simplifies ongoing OSM operations.