[Call for testing] Upcoming Juju 2.8 release

Juju 2.8.0 due to be released in early May. The release includes several features that

have been in development for several months. You are very welcome to help with testing.

Tentative release schedule

Date Event
April 23, 2020 2.8-beta1 released
May 11, 2020 2.8-rc1 released
May 18, 2020 2.8.0 released

How to test

Beta testers should be experienced Juju users with a pre-release version of Juju installed.

Installing pre-released versions of Juju

We recommend using snap. If you need to install Juju via a snap, it’s a single command:

snap install juju --classic

Once the Juju snap is installed, you can use the snap refresh command to track exactly what you want.

Stage Command
2.8-beta1 snap refresh juju --channel=beta
2.8-rc1 snap refresh juju --channel=candidate

Asking questions

If you are unsure whether something is intended behaviour, you are welcome to add a question here in Discourse under the #development category.

Another option is IRC. The Juju team is available in #juju on irc.freenode.net.

Filing bugs

If you’ve encountered an issue, please file a bug .

What to test

Here are a few scenarios to test. There should be no loss in functionality in any of them.

Experiment with the new features

Features appearing in Juju 2.8 are described in the What’s New with Juju 2.8 document:

Use a new client to talk to an old controller

Use your new client to interact with controllers that are running an earlier version of Juju.

Replicate today’s workloads in a new environment

Bootstrap with the new client a clean controller, and then replicate a current model into this new environment. Tip: You can use juju export-bundle to create a file that is accepted by juju deploy.`

Bootstrap a pre-released version the Juju controller

It’s possible to request that controllers are created using pre-released versions:

juju bootstrap --agent-version=2.8-beta1 <cloud>[/<region>] <controller-name>