WIP: Command-line experience

These are just my thoughts about MY CLI experience with Juju.


I will take the opportunity to compare juju cli UX to kubernetes UX.
Btw. IMO k8 experience is definitely not the best.

1.) commands are using way too many hyphens


juju add-model
juju add-unit

k8 (same for docker)

kc get pods
kc get namespaces

2.) inconsistent/confusing naming. I do understand that we do have a difference here and there. But this still makes the experience less than optimal


juju kill-controller
juju destroy-model
juju remove-application


kc delete <resource>

3.) formatting directives


juju list-clouds --format=json

lists json stdout and stderr some information which breaks automation until you realize that

4.) Error handling

read more on here: https://discourse.jujucharms.com/t/juju-command-output/2417 (partly related to 3.))

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