What is the 'Controller' model created by Juju initially. What is its purpose?

I deployed Charmed K8s there by mistake. That sounds like a bad thing.

What is it? Why is it?

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It is the model that represents the Juju controller itself. We allow you to deploy to it, because there are use cases for things like monitoring-of-juju itself.
It is recommended that most of your deployments would use an independent model (hence why we leave you in ‘default’ after bootstrap).

The other reason is that if you are really strapped for instances, you can deploy things onto the controller machines, but that is generally not recommended.

As for using controller model, it isn’t ideal, but it also shouldn’t break things to do so. It does mean you won’t be able to wipe everything with ‘juju destroy-model’ because that would destroy the controller itself.

So sort of like “don’t put your files into ‘/’” it can work, but it isn’t recommended.