Welcome to the Juju community discourse forum!

Hello Charmers! Join the world’s best community for automated cloud and container operations.

What makes Juju special?

Our mission is ambitious:

Enable anyone to operate all the open source software in the world in a fully automated way, easily.

This is a community interested in complex topologies of software like Kubernetes, Hadoop, Spark, Tensorflow / AI / ML, on public and private clouds, in VMs and in K8s CAAS environments.

This forum is where the JAAS, Juju and Charm communities shape the tools that make it possible. We share operations scripts so that everyone can benefit from the insights and optimisations that are crowdsourced from a global expert group.

About the categories

We recommend positing in one of the domain-specific categories.

  • #users is our category for questions. You’ll also find tutorials there, many of which are submitted by the

  • #charming is the home of discussions relating to charms, particularly if you are interested in a specific family of applications like OpenStack, Hadoop and Apache Spark

  • #kubernetes has its own dedicated category

  • #devel topics are for people contributing to the core capabilities of the system

  • #docs is where to contribute to Juju’s documentation

  • #osm is our category devoted to Open Source Mano

Seeking immediate help

If you’re needing specific advice right away, you are welcome please contact the Juju developers on IRC. Our staff are based all over the world, usually covering all time zones. Please join us in the #juju channel on Freenode.net.

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