Usage or not of neutron-gateway v(s FlatDHCPManager)

Hi all,
I am a new user of the juju / maas solution to deploy the canonical version of openstack.
I find it great and really easy to use.

But I have a question about network. I did not find the response in the documentation. Do I have to (or is it recommended) to use the neutron-gateway charm. Usually on my old openstack platform (centos/Rocky), I used neutron to do L3 routing and DHCP agent.

In the charm “openstack-base” by default it do FlatDHCPManager (option in nova-cloud-controller).
What is the good choice for a fresh install in production ? What is the advantage of FlatDHCPManager vs Neutron (via neutron-gateway) ?
(I want to use private networks, loadballancer, routers)

thank you in advance for your answers