Suspended since cloud credential is not valid

I seem to need to update my cloud credentials to my vsphere cloud from time to time. It usually works fine by just entering "juju update-credential ".

However, this time I got stuck since I’m getting:

Credential valid for:
Credential invalid for:
    couldn't find instance "juju-947bb2-0" for machine 0
    couldn't find instance "juju-b435d7-3" for machine 3
    couldn't find instance "juju-b435d7-32" for machine 32
Failed models may require a different credential.
Use ‘juju set-credential’ to change credential for these models before repeating this update.

If I do what is says above and try to set credential for the k8s model I get:

Found credential remotely, on the controller. Not looking locally...
ERROR could not set model credential: model e3640d76-076e-4800-84fb-741356b435d7 already uses credential csdev-cloud/admin/csdev-cloud-credential

Been trying to play around with the creds but nothing that I’ve come up with puts me out of this situation. Ideas anyone?


I know @hallback wrote some post about a similar situation a year ago…

I believe that needing to reset credentials is a known issue for the vSphere provider. My understanding is that vSphere spuriously sends error codes to Juju, but I don’t recall the specific details.

Can you compare the output of juju show-credential default and juju show-credential k8s? Are they the same?

Maybe this could be helpful? Juju on vSphere, datacenter and credentials lost (+ workaround)