[SCHED] eNB tx thread: sched_setattr failed : Operation not permitted

We did try to run the application Oai Nfv 4g using ‘root’, but the enb has error ‘[SCHED] eNB tx thread: sched_setattr failed : Operation not permitted’ showed.

we used juju to orchestrate and deploy LXC containers which are working as oai-enb, oai-hss, oai-mme, oai-spgw.

Is it possible that the “sched_setattr” operation inside one container was not permitted due to some privilege limitation for the container?

If so, have you ever met or heard about this situation before ? and do you have some possible solutions?

Thanks a lot!

Sorry that you have encountered problems.

This looks like a LXC-specific error. It is likely that you may have more answers in the LXC discourse https://discuss.linuxcontainers.org/. I believe that nested virtualization is supported, but they will be able to answer more fully.

Some more information may also help to answer your question.

  • Did you deploy the oai-nfv-4g bundle?
  • Which cloud are you deploying your charms to?
  • When did the error occur? What command did you execute?