RethinkDB: Lucky's First Charm! 🎉

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just pushed the very first Lucky charm to the charm store!

There are still lots of features we want to add to both Lucky and the RethinkDB charm, but Lucky is officially able to create functional charms.

Obviously both Lucky and the charm are extremely immature. The documentation is almost non-existent and there is a lot to go before it can be considered tested or stable. Still, we will be putting documentation up soon and will be adding features such as reactive support and other tools that we find helpful or necessary while we test Lucky out in the wild.

The source code for the charm and Lucky can be found on GitHub:

The charm was implemented with only two short bash scripts and a lucky.yaml file.

Platform Porability

Currently this charm will only run on amd64 machines, but that will be fixed by the time we get Lucky’s first official release out. The charm currently runs on Ubuntu Bionic. Because the app is packaged in a Docker container, the charm should also run on Trusty and Xenial, but it hasn’t been tested yet.

Eventually we will attempt to add support for Centos as well. The awesome part about using Docker is that it takes no effort on the part of the charm developer to support all of these distributions. Once Lucky knows how to install Docker on a platform, most Lucky charms should automatically support that platform.


Nice, congrats on the first success @zicklag!

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May I ask if you were able to use your charm in your Juju GUI (local)?


Yeah, it worked fine. There are some issues with running Juju Gui locally that I have with every charm, though: