Receiving alert on status "WARNING invalid hardware ..." on vSphere

There is a problem when I deploy charms on vsphere. However, when I check juju status on other client with the same account, it looks okay.
Does anyone know why this happened? :slight_smile:

Hmm, that’s odd. Can you file a bug at and note any logs that are ok to share from the machine.log on those machines? I wonder if the warning is around something changing in the machine information we weren’t expecting or something.

Thanks for the reply!
Sure I would like to do this.
Could you please specify which logs are needed? I am a bit confused. :confused:

Ideally we’d have the logs from the controller from around that time window

juju ssh -m controller 

And then from the machines that were outputing the warnings

juju ssh -m test-storage 0

@xinyuem this could be due to using an older Juju client. The warning is not fatal but annoying for sure.
Can you please run juju version to see what that prints?
Can you please try running status with a Juju 2.6.10 client and see if the warning is still printed?

Thank you soo much!
Problems go away when I upgrade my juju client! It seems exactly the version problem that you mentioned.

Thank you @rick_h as well, the warnings gone in this way. :slight_smile:

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