Promulgation request for wordpress charm


A customer opened a case about the wordpress charm, specifically the current
recommended one, cs:trusty/wordpress-5, not working after deployment, giving a
php error.

I spent some time fixing the charm up, dropping support for trusty and adding
support for xenial and bionic, and making sure everything is ready for focal.

I fixed a number of bugs in the process, more detail on the launchpad bug:


I have pushed my changes to cs:~mruffell/wordpress-0, and would like to request
promulgation to be the official wordpress charm.

Let me know if there is anything else I need to do.


Pinging @rick_h. +1 from me.

Promulgation request accepted. Charm is now known as cs:wordpress-0.

Relevant chatter from #juju on freenode:

mruffell> Matthew Ruffell Hi. Any chance I can get some eyes on my promulgation request for the wordpress charm?
<•thumper> Tim Penhey cory_fu: do you know who is currently handling promulgation requests?
<cory_fu> Cory Johns,,, thumper: Anyone in the charmers group can do it with `charm promulgate`
— •thumper goes to see who is in the charmers group
<cory_fu> Cory Johns,,, thumper: But if there's a pending request, I'm happy to do it
Oh, I see there is.  One sec
<•thumper> Tim Penhey cory_fu: thanks
<cory_fu> Cory Johns,,, thumper, mruffell: Done, but there was one hiccup.  The old charm was trusty only, and the new one is xenial and bionic.  So now trying to deploy on trusty with either cs:wordpress or cs:trusty/wordpress will fail, and it also reset the rev number down to 0
I don't know how much of an issue that will be, and the old rev was only 5, so it wouldn't be hard to fast-forward past that.
<•thumper> Tim Penhey it is weird that the rev number dropped to 0
<mruffell> Matthew Ruffell cory_fu: I couldn't support trusty, as wordpress has moved past the php version in trusty's repos
this charm is all good for xenial, bionic, and focal when it comes out
<cory_fu> Cory Johns,,, thumper: Because it's technically a different name (cs:wordpress vs cs:trusty/wordpress)
mruffell: +1, I doubt anyone is going to be doing any new deployments onto trusty these days anyway
<•thumper> Tim Penhey cory_fu: ah... ok
<mruffell> Matthew Ruffell anyway, thank you very much thumper and cory_fu. I will let customer know that wordpress is good again. Plus it makes the documentation where wordpress is used as an example make sense too.
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