Primary-network and external-network in vSphere deployments

Hi all,

what is the purpose for primary-network and external-network in a vSphere environment? I’m deploying Kubernetes clusters (with CDK and CORE) and thought the primary-network was used to communicate nodes between them and external for accesing from outside, but I can see, when I deploy the bundle, that is not in that way.

Thanks in advanced.

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I had the same thoughts around this. We only use one network so we had the luxury to not understand this yet =D

I’m not sure what properties the primary network needs to have, like internet connectivity or what else… Etc.

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The intent when modeling primary vs external was very much that. (Internal communication vs access from outside of the cloud.) I’m guessing anything that diverges from that tends to be “well I can route to external from everywhere, so I’ll just always use that” (shortcuts that weren’t intended).

It would be good to know where you’re seeing divergence from internal communication vs external communication.


Logical way is to use primary network to communicate between nodes inside, i.e., Kubernetes deployment and external network to gain access to Internet/other and to publish services.

When I declare the two kind of networks and deploy a CDK via juju the behavior is different at any time the bundle is deployed: sometimes the public address is the external one and others the public address is the primary in juju status.

By now, I’ll keep only the primary-network to deploy Kubernetes deployments, but it should be revised…

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