Pre 2.7 lxd snap installs with network restrictions

This is a workaround for lxd snap installer working with network restricted installs using Juju versions prior to 2.7. 2.7 is the first version of Juju that has updated code to handle lxd from a snap source and is, hence, working in a better way.

Previous Juju versions used to get lxd from deb.

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Using 2.6.9, with a manual provider install on s390x lpars, I had to:

  1. log in and set proxy in /etc/environment
  2. sudo systemctl restart snapd
  3. wait for lxd to be installed (watch lxc)
  4. once it was installed, remove the proxy from /etc/environment (probably not necessary) and restart snapd
  5. reboot the lpar to get lxd in the path (probably an easier way)

after this the containers came up

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