OSM Development Stack


I have followed the isntructions and have managed to install OSM Charmed but I’m having an issue with setting up my the Basic network service example as shown in this page.

While I am able to download and upload the packages into OSM, after using the create a basic network service command in my terminal that status stays at building and does not move any further.

Could you help me with this please as im unsure where to go from here. Let me know if there is any further information that I need to provide as well.


Hi again,

just wanted to update that this issue has been resolved. I realized that Nested Virtualization is required when installing OSM Chamed as a virtual machine. I have managed to instantiate the basic NS service example. I would appreciate it if the community could provide any useful resources to help me go forward from here. Any advice is always appreciated! :smiley:


Hello Anusha,

Sorry for the late reply, we had an event last week and we were preparing it. I don’t know if you are still facing the issue. If that is the case, could you try to reboot both the operator and the mon Pods?

microk8s.kubectl -n osm delete pods mon-k8s-operator-0 --force --grace-period 0
microk8s.kubectl -n osm delete pods mon-k8s-0 --force --grace-period 0

If that doesn’t work, could you provide more information? Could you paste the output of the following commands?

juju status
microk8s.kubectl get pods -n osm
microk8s.kubectl logs <MON_pod> -n osm
microk8s.kubectl describe <MON_pod> -n osm

Thank you very much!

Best regards,