Openstack upgrade

Hello everyone
is there any way to automatic upgrade all deployed charm of openstack? Reading the configuration the procedure seems to indicate to upgrade all every single application.

Hey @cardax, my colleague, @matuskosut, developed a handy tool called Jujuna from our internal need to automate the upgrade steps of the charms and the actual OpenStack releases.

Make sure to test it in development first as OpenStack deployments are a bit complex and unique. Also refer to the upstream upgrade docs and the release notes if anything is unclear.

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Hello it’s nice but I’m looking for a official method to upgrade the infrastructure.

I understand. The upstream OpenStack Charmers deployment guide I linked above is official as far as I know, but I am sure you can get more help from the team here or directly from Canonical support.

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:thinking: I thought the Canonical sales pitch for Charmed Openstack was the ease of upgrades and avoiding a ‘stuckstack’ through easy administration of charms?

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I’m sure @beisner can be more specific but the upstream docs on upgrading with charms uses the tooling in the charms to help drive the upgrade. Due to the dependency of various services there’s still an order and documented process to perform the upgrade but much of the complexity is encapsulated in the juju actions available on the charms and the logic in the charms themselves. It’s definitely something that’s supported, well tested, and a lot better than manually upgrading the services and dealing with changes to the openstack over time.

Indeed, the OpenStack Charms contain upgrade capabilities that are documented in the OpenStack Charms Deployment Guide. An OpenStack operator can use these features to manage an upgrade approach in a way that best fits the needs of his or her cloud.

That includes upgrading an OpenStack version, and/or upgrading the underlying Ubuntu distro (series). For example, an operator can use charms to manage an upgrade from Xenial-Ocata to Xenial-Pike to Xenial-Queens, then upgrade series from Xenial-Queens to Bionic-Queens, and later upgrade from Bionic-Queens to Bionic-Rocky, Bionic-Stein and so on.

Hello @beisner I alreay read the official documentation but I guess we should have some praticale example. reading all the docs but without a explained use case can be problematic.
For example I can’t understand how using juju to bring 18.04.2 to 18.04.3.
I’ve a fresh test lab wiht 04.3 e production with 04.2
Before any upgrade I’d like to allineate all.
upgrade-series seems to refer only to main distribution no minor release.

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Apologies for the delay on my part — I missed your reply here. You are correct: the charm-driven OpenStack upgrades and Series upgrades are indeed for major version upgrades.

You might consider Landscape and/or Ubuntu Advantage to control updates across fleets of machines.