Openstack error after login "Unable to retrieve limits information"

Lab: all my environment has been made using virt-manager and kvm, after I’ve done the deploy of Openstack base via Juju at the end of the procedure I’ve that

but after the login I’ve obtained the following error, someone can explain me why and what are this limits? thanks

So based on your previous issue with the weird artifacts on the openstack-dashboard server. It might be a case of undersized machines. Maybe the requests are timing out because of high load on the lxd servers.
What’s the spec of the physical machines?

I’m trying to deploy that on a virtual environment via virt-manager, respect to my previous issue I’ve tried to change their disks now my VMs have these spec

and I set their RAM in this way


I’ve to change somethings ? thanks

So even though this is a lab, I would probably set each node to have at least 4 vcpus and you’d probably be able to get away with 6 gb of memory. Seeing as though all the vms are on the same machine, cpu and disk contention will probably be reasonably harsh.
Your configuration is probably fine, I think you’re probably up against some timeout issues which are more than likely load related

I’ll try to set more CPU to VM.
At moment after the redeploy of yesterday Openstack doesn’t show any issue and I can work on it.

But, if I try the power off and then the power on of the VM, after the login, the result is always the same

Error: Unable to retrieve limits information
I’ve changed the in this way, I’ll inform you after the deploy is finished.

Same issue

Shutting down and cold-booting a Charmed OpenStack has some known bugs; we very much welcome any new bugs that are discovered in the process of testing things out and hope you will raise any issues that you encounter!

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Thanks a lot Chris, I’ve opened a post to that I hope to resolve that.