New juju dashboard can you import yaml deployment without commit/applying changes


I’ve just started playing around with Juju for last couple of weeks and with a new Juju deployment I’ve noticed a new dashboard and missing old GUI. My question is there a CLI way of checking deployment without running it? I know about --dry-run and extra verbosity with --verbose and --debug but what you could do in the old GUI was to check/see a model with all variables without actually running it, so is there a similar option in the CLI to keep adding units to the model without actually deploying them?
The reason why I’m asking is that at the moment I’m playing around with base.yaml and overlay.yaml files and syntax wise files are fine and deployment is running but I found few times few variables haven’t been changed and it is something you can’t see with --verbose or --debug flag either, hard to spot before is too late and something which has been super easy with GUI.