Mysql-innodb-cluster space support

Can anyone help me out, the charm configuration on the new mysql-innodb-cluster seems a bit thin.

I’m trying to deploy the Openstack Ussuri base bundle to test against a configuration with multiple network segments

A lot of the charms support network bindings, or at least network configuration.
This charm however has nothing, and in turn I’m running into

0/lxd/3  down                     pending       focal            no obvious space for container "0/lxd/3", host machine has spaces: "admin-network", "internal-network", "public-network", "undefined"

I think I may have figured it out.
It’s a bit counter intuitive when deploying with a bundle.
You could just bind “everything” displayed as “” in the yaml to whichever space you want it to end up on

      gui-x: '535'
      gui-y: '1550'
    charm: cs:mysql-innodb-cluster-0
    num_units: 3
      "": admin-network
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