Microstack command line api not working

Unable to use the commandline for any user, after sourcing user-openrc.sh.

Most likely microstack init did not configure it properly.

I am getting the following response in every command:

microstack.openstack flavor list
The request you have made requires authentication. (HTTP 401) (Request-ID: req-44be8ba3-38bb-4c48-b1dd-548d5a2afee0)

openrc exports OS_AUTH_URL=

but /snap/microstack/current/etc/glance/glance-api.conf does not set auth_url or any other parameters

MicroStack tries to be helpful, and let you skip the step of sourcing the openrc, by providing its own .rc file in /var/snap/microstack/common/etc/microstack.rc. The wrapper around the microstack.openstack command will source this rc automatically for you.

Does the command work if you start in a clean terminal, without sourcing the openrc that you downloaded?

If so, you might want to file a bug against MicroStack – the openrc file you get from the dashboard might be missing a bit of info necessary for making the command work.