Lucky Release: 0.1.0-alpha.0

I am pleased to announce that Katharos Technology has just release the first alpha for the Lucky charming framework!

Lucky is now in a state where it can be tested by others. There are still missing features and likely some bugs, but that’s why testing is important. If anybody wants help getting started with Lucky open a forum topic in the #related-software:lucky category and we will help you.

To learn how to write a Lucky charm, check out the Getting Started Guide. It is a comprehensive tutorial that walks you though creating a Lucky charm for CodiMD.

We also have a couple of examples of charms made with Lucky:

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


Congrats @zicklag! Great stuff.

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I’ve already begun creating charms with the Lucky Charming Framework and have found it to be an intuitive workflow. We’ll be going into production with the charms soon.


We’ve just released the Getting Started Guide for Lucky! It is a comprehensive tutorial that walks you though creating a Lucky charm for CodiMD.

Let us know if you try it out and how it went. :smiley:

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There are a few things that we have had in mind for Lucky, but haven’t worked on yet including:

  • Some sort of reactive model using the built-in key-value store
  • Support for non amd64 CPU architectures
  • Centos support

If anybody is interested in using Lucky for a project and needs those features, please let us know so that we can prioritize development.

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I have read through the tutorial and this is very ambitious and nice work.

I liked the wizard kind of approach to creating stub charms. Thats a great idea I think to transfer into charm tools etc.

You should bring your skills close to the people developing the operator framework now that the are a few good frameworks in the juju community.

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Thanks for the kind words and for reading the guide. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to try out the operator framework sometime soon, too. :+1: It looks like their documentation is in-progress, too.

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That’s a great attitude and cross breeding good ideas and practices within the juju community is what we all win from.

It’s easy to fall into a competition between efforts where collaboration really is much more fun and productive. I look forward to se how these frameworks will develop and grow.

The ‘charm creating wizard’ is really neat. A GUI version with a icon creator/generator would be cool. Creating a nice looking icon is always my last effort, whereas it’s kind of the one thing that’s really gets to represent the charm in the end. Having that process be a bit more easier would be a reward factor for the developer.

@Dmitrii @cory_fu @timClicks

Just making sure, you are talking about the lucky.yaml system right?

Hmm. I hadn’t thought of that. How do you usually make you icons? Usually what I do is:

  1. Open the template icon in Inkscape
  2. Search the web for the app’s icon
  3. Drop the app icon on the circle
  4. Use Inkscape’s bitmap trace feature to convert the app icon to SVG if it wasn’t already
  5. Maybe change the color of the circle

Everything could probably be completely automated easily if it weren’t for the phase of converting the bitmap image to SVG. Technically you could just embed the bitmap in the SVG file, but that won’t make the best icons at different icon-sizes/file-sizes. We could just restrict it to SVG icons though. Then you would essentially just specify the icon to use and the background color.

As for having a GUI for it, I was entertaining the idea of using terminal-based UI’s for it. I do most of my charm development in a vagrant machine without a GUI, but if it was a terminal UI, I could still access the terminal UI. We could try an in-terminal color picker for the icon creator and otherwise you would just pass it the file for the Logo to put on a circle of the selected color. We could also experiment with what a terminal UI for editing the lucky.yaml could look like.

And FYI, terminal UI doesn’t mean that you can’t click buttons and such. Examples of some fancy terminal UIs ( which are libraries that we could use in the Lucky CLI, too ):

I know, right? :slight_smile:

Just released a minor update to Lucky: v0.1.0.alpha.1.

Fixes a crash that was happening with the documentation viewer and adds names to the containers that Lucky creates to help you find them on the host.

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