Juju wont accept series when deploying my subordinate

I’m trying to deploy a charm as below image and encounter a weird problem I can’t get my head around.

Despite defining “disco” in the metadata.yaml and the charm builds perfectly, juju complains when I try to deploy it. I’ve managed to get it deploying before but now I’m most probably doing something trivial that just mess up.

This is my metadata.yaml

name: realmd-ubuntu
summary: Joins Microsof Active Directory with realmd.
maintainer: Erik 
description: |
  This charm joins a unit to Active Directory with realmd.
  - misc
subordinate: true
  - disco
    interface: juju-info
    scope: container

Any leads?

[UPDATE] I reverted to a functioning commit in git and it worked again. I have no clue as what it could be yet, but its working again…

It should be failing because disco EOL’d January 23, 2020

This means that you’re not getting any apt updates and the mirrors/etc will be disappearing.

To clarify Juju tracks the life spans of each series and if you’re out of the supported window (which to be fair is 10 years in an LTS) it’ll throw an error at you. You can work through it using the --force flag to the deploy/etc commands but it’s a big warning that this really shouldn’t be run in supported infrastructure at this point.


Oh, right.

That’s weird though that this works again after I reverted some changes in git…

Yea I was pretending like I didn’t see that :smile:

I wonder if something caused it to hit a cached copy of the charm and so skipped validation steps like a new deploy/etc would. I’m not sure tbh.

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