Juju Progress Report - 2020-W15


Juju’s technical development continues.

We’ve been really encouraged with the peer-to-peer support that the Juju community has been showing. Thanks especially to @erik-lonroth for adding his answers to multiple questions.

:package: Releases

  • Juju 2.7.6 is due to be released this week. Hardware stress testing uncovered a potential regression which delayed the release shortly.
  • Juju 2.8.0 is advancing currently. We’re aiming to have our first beta release before the end of the month.

:microscope: Feature Development


  • New jujud model command created to facilitate running a model operator in k8s. This new operator will take the responsibility of handling mutating webhook events from Kubernetes.
  • Introduced a new command k8s-raw-set for raw k8s spec support (front-end is done, backend is in process);


  • Now loads credentials from the machine agent configuration automatically rather than requiring the user to find them.
  • Support for downgrading by restoring a backup from a previous Juju version is nearly complete.

Mutable spaces

  • Ensuring integrity of constraints and endpoint bindings when moving subnets between spaces.
  • Removing provider spaces no longer detected during reload-spaces.

:bug: Notable Bugs


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