🎥 Juju Office Hours - 23 April 2020, 1pm Pacific

The Juju team will be hosting “Office Hours” and invite you to submit questions that will be answered live by our team members. The event will be held on Thursday, April 23, 2020 8:00 PM. Convert this to your own time zone.

  • Americas: Thursday, early afternoon
  • EMEA: Thursday, evening
  • APAC: Friday, early morning


To ask a question please add a question in the Juju Discourse.

To participate in office hours, there are lots of options:

The session will be recorded and you’ll be able to watch after it has finished.

Future Events

You are welcome to subscribe to the calendar of future directly via the Juju Public Events iCal feed.


We are modelling our approach on the one taken by the Kubernetes community. We thank ex-Juju staffer Jorge Castro for advancing the initiative there and providing resources for other communities to adopt.

Some talking points for tomorrow’s session:

  • :woman_office_worker: Juju concept explained: leadership :woman_office_worker:
    – Controller leadership
    – Unit leadership
    leader-get / leader-set vs application-level relation-get/relation-set
    – Workload leadership

  • :confetti_ball: Juju 2.7.6 was released today :confetti_ball:
    – What’s the difference between a point release and a minor release for the Juju project?
    – Does Juju have a policy on maintaining backwards compatibility.

  • :k8s: Juju for Kubernetes workloads :k8s:
    – Why use Juju for deploying on k8s?
    – What k8s substrates are supported?

  • :construction: Updating backup & restore :construction:
    – What’s juju-restore? How can people try it out?
    – What are recommendations for deploying Juju generally? What are “high-availability controllers”?