Juju interactive prompts on windows client not accepting input for auth fields

I installed the windows CLI client from https://juju.is/docs/installing#heading--windows
I attempted to set up and connect to my maas development environment and everything was working except when I attempted to enter the maas oath via the command line interactive prompt. CLI would not accept any input, I know the text is not displayed.
I thought no big deal I’ll import it via YAML: following the information here successfully: Juju - The simplest way to deploy and maintain applications in the cloud

I created a new juju user from an existing configured client(on maas).
When I attempted to register that user on my local system using “juju register …” it prompts for a password. This interactivity seams to be broken like the maas auth (I know the text is hidden) the CLI client on windows is not accepting any input for this field, pasted, blank, manually typed. It seems as the code is frozen or crashed, not sure what’s going on.

I’m looking for assistance.

Trying the wrokaround: juju login ip:port -c fails at enter password.
Not sure what to do to get windows juju cli to work.

Thanks for taking the time to file the report @nathan-flowers. Sorry that you’ve encountered a problem.

Which version of Windows are you running?

winver: 10.0.18363.900
juju ver: 2.7.6-win10-amd64