Juju bootstrap with MAAS kvm host Pods - How to constrain controller creation to a specific Pod?


Let’s say I have two MAAS kvm hosts, ‘frodo’ and ‘gandalf’. Each have pods with the same names.

I want to juju bootstrap my MAAS cloud called ‘maas-cloud’ and make sure the controller goes on ‘frodo’ only. How do I do this.

Looking for something like juju bootstrap maas-cloud --constraints pod=frodo

I can turn off ‘gandalf’ but I’d rather leave him running : )

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Hey @db0west

I’ve achieved this by composing and tagging a KVM machine in Maas. Then when I go to bootstrap I use a bootstrap constraint tags=myspecificjujutag

juju bootstrap --bootstrap-constraints "mem=1G cores=2 tags=myspecificjujutag" maas-cloud


As @dvnt mentioned, the recommended method is to compose your juju controller VMs via MAAS UI/API and use tags to target those pre-built VMs during bootstrap.