Juju bootstrap vmdk streaming slow for vSphere

I have added a vSphere cloud and I am bootstrapping the Juju controller now.

It is streaming the vmdk and it is fairly slow… sub 100KiB/s.

How can I have Juju stream the vmdk mas rapido?


dw@maas-effect:~$ juju bootstrap thelonious
Creating Juju controller "thelonious-dbw1" on thelonious/dbw1
Looking for packaged Juju agent version 2.7.1 for amd64
Launching controller instance(s) on thelonious/dbw1...
 - creating template VM "juju-template-0a98192a81276585b8ea72a552729d2e55c37beaff9234f457074c8488758f
 - streaming vmdk: 13.97% (76.4KiB/s))
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Went back to MAAS for my homelab. Did not need vSphere.

The first time you go to provision an Ubuntu vm, Juju needs to download the image from cloud-images.ubuntu.com. Thereafter, the vmdk is cached in a folder in the cluster so it doesn’t need to do that download step again. It’s similar to how LXD works etc (with LXD the images are cached locally).