Juju and nonstandard SSH ports

I’m setting up a charmed gitlab install. Part of that is an haproxy charm sitting in front of gitlab. Ideally I’d be able push/clone over the standard SSH port. Outside of juju I’d do that by forwarding SSH from haproxy to gitlab and using a non-standard SSH port to administer haproxy itself. However, it’s unclear if/how juju would support such a thing. Is there a way for me to tell juju to administer the haproxy instance via a non-standard SSH port?

Welcome kyrofa.

‘juju ssh’ itself invokes openssh on platforms where that is supported. Which means that you do have access to things like ~/.ssh/config and any arguments after the first are passed to openssh. So you can configure a Host line in ~/.ssh/config or do things like: juju ssh gitlab -p 2222. We don’t let you configure those options as part of the Juju controller so that anyone doing juju ssh gitlab would go to the right port.


Thank you @jameinel. I was confused by your answer for a while until I realized that juju uses SSH far less than I originally thought (which makes sense given the agent, but heck, I don’t know anything). Changing the SSH port seemingly changes literally nothing in juju OTHER than juju ssh, so no extra configuration is needed. I appreciate your help!