JAAS Dashboard, the new Juju GUI

I unfortunately only managed to click twice before hitting an error and filed a bug: https://github.com/canonical-web-and-design/jaas-dashboard/issues/524

I have another post coming along with the release of Juju 2.8 which explains some of this in more detail but I can reply to your comments here too :slight_smile:

The Dashboard is a change in direction from the outgoing GUI which was focused on the deployment of models and viewing a single model at a time. The new Dashboard is focused on the operations and observability of your Juju models across one or more controllers. As your number of models, applications, machines, etc increase, the usefulness of the new Dashboard does as well.

What you’re seeing so far is still very much a beta, we’re working fast to expand the available features.

Unfortunately true, another team is working on getting this ready to be released. We’ll definitely keep everyone updated as we want to see it in there as much as anyone :smiley:

We’re actively working on expanding the feature set here and would love to hear what kind of features you’d like to see. We have a few different ideas and features that we’ll be posting to discourse here to gain feedback.

This is great feedback, I’ll bring this back to the team and see how we might integrate viewing the configuration values in here.

One of my teammates is currently working on adding the ability to reposition the application icons on the topology so you should see that in the near future.

I hope my replies assuage your concerns a bit and that you’ll give us a bit more time before writing it off :smiley:


On top of what Jeff said, another point to make is that it’s a live status of all your models. The main focus is exactly to provide a wider view and control of all models and controllers running on enterprise environment. From that top-view it’s then possible to go on model level and debug. Unfortunately the shell needs some more work and has been temporarily removed. The idea is that users can debug and act on their models directly on the browser, without leaving the Dashboard, and have the UI interacting with the Shell.
We are working and iterating on adding more features, coming next: ssh to machines, machines detailed view, charm actions, Juju logs… feedback like this will help us to focus on user’s requests and align priorities to improve the Dashboard. Thank you for your inputs :slight_smile:

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