It Seems Like We Should Have the "Faster LXD" Docs In the Main Docs

I just found a link to the Faster LXD in this post about getting setup for Juju contribution, but even if you are just writing charms these tips would be extremely useful. I know that they would help me as I develop charms on my local LXD installation.

Should we just find a place in the docs to link to this page ( if we don’t already have one, I may just not have found/followed the link ) or would it be good to actually have the contents of that page on the main docs site?

Be aware of setting automatic package upgrades to false. It’s fine in dev environments, but not in test or production (test should mirror production imo).

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This is not a LXD-specific setting; it applies to all Juju machines.

Since its scope is per-model, it is documented on the Configuring models page.