Installing Juju

Installing Juju is easy. It is a single binary executable that is supported on multiple operating systems and CPU architectures.

Here are the most common installation methods:

Operating System Recommended installation method
MS Windows Download and run the installer
macOS $ brew install juju
Linux $ snap install --classic juju

Read the rest of this page for more options.

Installing Juju’s most recent stable release

Instructions differ for each operating system:


Download and run the signed installer (md5, crytographic signature).


Juju can be installed with the following command:

sudo snap install juju --classic

snap command not available?: If you do not have snap installed, visit for instructions.


Install Juju on macOS with Homebrew. Run the following command into Terminal:

brew install juju

Alternative installation methods

Warning: Since Juju 2.6, downloading via PPA is no longer available.

If you would prefer to avoid a snap-based installation, there are alternatives.

Using a Personal Package Archive (PPA)

To install the most recent stable version using a PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository -yu ppa:juju/stable
sudo apt install juju

Manual installation

Visit the downloads section of the Launchpad project. You will see an archive (with the .tar.gz) extension available with Juju’s source code. To build this source code, refer to the Contributing.

Using CentOS?: Download Juju and install an archive of Juju (md5) built specifically for that distribution.

Installing Juju development releases


We recommend that you install Juju via the snap and track the edge channel:

sudo snap install juju --classic --edge

Using a PPA

To install the development version using a PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository -yu ppa:juju/devel
sudo apt install juju

Other platforms

All development release binaries are published on Launchpad.

Further information

Finding release notes

Release notes are available on Discourse.

Installing multiple Juju series

Some environments may see the need to run both the 1.x and the 2.x series of Juju concurrently. See page Running multiple versions of Juju for guidance.

Juju plugins

Juju functionality can be extended through the use of plugins. See the Juju plugins page for information.

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