How to integrate existing PostgreSQL with Openstack Charms?

Is it possible to connect Openstack Charms to an existing PostgreSQL cluster? and how?
There are PostgreSQL charms that I can deploy for Openstack, but I don’t want that, because I already have a PostgreSQL HA cluster.

Hi @rafaahaji,

Charm support for PostgreSQL was deprecated as of the 17.08 release of the OpenStack charms. We’d suggest sticking w/ the MySQL charms deployed as part of the OpenStack bundles as your db back end.

~ PeteVG

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Hi @rafaahaji,

Pete is correct. The only supported and tested database integrations with OpenStack Charms are:

  • Before 20.04 (Focal): percona-cluster (a mysql variant).
  • 20.04 (Focal) and later: mysql-innodb-cluster (mysql8).

I hope that helps to clarify.



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Ok @petevg and @beisner , thanks for your help.
I will try to use mysql-innodb-cluster