Failed to execute ceilometer-upgrade

Hi, I am trying to deploy ceilometer to my existing Openstack installation. I know there is a telemetry bundle with ceilometer included, but I did deploy openstack-base bundle first and now have to install memcached, aodh, gnocchi, ceilometer and ceilometer-agent charms sepparately. However, when I run ceilometer-upgrade command according to ceilometer charm documentation I get following error:


ERROR ceilometer MissingAuthPlugin: An auth plugin is required to determine endpoint URL

I think that this error probably persist because a wrong ceilometer.conf configuration by juju itself. It looks like keystone authentication is missing in this file


Juju status output


It looks like you have missing and incomplete relations. Resolve this first. Look at the telemetry bundle if necessary.

I did resolve my issue. First I added all the relations and after that ran ceilometer-upgrade command

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