Does juju upgrade take series into account

What I am wondering, is if juju takes the series a charm can run on into account.
With this I mean, if e.g. trusty is removed from a charm and a new version is uploaded (without trusty support) and on a trusty cloud I do a new installation of that charm, will juju then automatically pick the latest version that had trusty support, or do I need to explicitly tell it which version to use.

The same / similar question for this, is the scenario in which I run a juju upgrade-charm on a trusty cloud when some of the charms dropped trusty support. Will this result in error / failure messages, or will juju consider the fact that there are no new updates available with trusty support.

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Yes, it should work as you think it should. The series is accounted for and it’s the series of the machine it’s on (for the upgrade-charm scenario) and so to get to a charm that drops trusty support you’d first need to upgrade all the machines using juju upgrade-series and then you’d be able to upgrade the charm which dropped support for the older series.