Cross model relations for vsphere cloud not implemented


I am trying to make a cross-model-relation from an application in a vsphere model to an application in a MAAS model. The result, when I try to create the offer from the vsphere model:

17:55:56 INFO  juju.cmd supercommand.go:91 running juju [2.8.1 0 16439b3d1c528b7a0e019a16c2122ccfcf6aa41f gc go1.14.4]
17:55:56 DEBUG juju.cmd supercommand.go:92   args: []string{"/snap/juju/13324/bin/juju", "offer", "slurmctld:slurmd", "--debug"}
17:55:56 INFO  juju.juju api.go:67 connecting to API addresses: []
17:55:56 DEBUG juju.api apiclient.go:1105 successfully dialed "wss://"
17:55:56 INFO  juju.api apiclient.go:1007 cannot resolve "": operation was canceled
17:55:56 INFO  juju.api apiclient.go:637 connection established to "wss://"
17:55:56 DEBUG juju.api apiclient.go:1105 successfully dialed "wss://"
17:55:56 DEBUG juju.api monitor.go:35 RPC connection died
ERROR unknown object type "ApplicationOffers" (not implemented)
17:55:56 DEBUG cmd supercommand.go:537 error stack: 
unknown object type "ApplicationOffers" (not implemented)

Seems that the offer functionality is not implemented in vsphere …

We have architected a solution using cross-model-relations to connect application running in vsphere models to applications running in models in MAAS. I didn’t previously understand that cross-model-relations only worked on certain clouds (not vsphere). Is there anything that can be done to get the cross-model-relations hooked up for MAAS and vsphere clouds?

Thank you!

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Furthermore, I can’t seem to create a cross model relation offer on a maas model either.

~$ juju status
Model         Controller       Cloud/Region   Version  SLA          Timestamp
slurm-nash-1  bdxbdx-maas-1  2.8.1    unsupported  18:06:29Z

App     Version  Status   Scale  Charm   Store       Rev  OS      Notes
slurmd           waiting    0/1  slurmd  jujucharms    1  ubuntu  

Unit      Workload  Agent       Machine  Public address  Ports  Message
slurmd/0  waiting   allocating  0         waiting for machine

Machine  State  DNS             Inst id  Series  AZ          Message
0        down  n-c125   focal   se-west-1a  Failed deployment: Failed to power on node - Power on for the node failed: Could not contact node's BMC: Connection timed out while performing power action.  Check BMC configuration and connectivity and try again.

$ juju offer slurmd:slurmd
ERROR unknown object type "ApplicationOffers" (not implemented)
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(because we have a convo going with the webteam about cross-model-relations) @ziheliu214 @gomboli @hatch ^


Sorry about this. It’s a frustrating place to bump into the issue.

That error message is generated by the RPC infrastructure between Juju agents. It’s possible that this is a JIMM issue rather than a vSphere issue. I’ll check and get back to you.

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Thanks @timClicks! I filed a bug for this here

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CMR is not cloud specific - any standalone Juju controller on any cloud has the service facades needed to support CMR.

Ah, I just noticed your controller is “” - have you set up a bespoke JAAS deployment? The Juju controllers will be fully CMR aware but the front end JIMM proxy may need work done to participate in a CMR deployment. A check on the JIMM project source seems to be missing the CMR facades. We’d need to check with the folks on that team to ask that that omission be addressed.

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@wallyworld Yes, we have a bespoke JAAS deployment. Sounds like a great start, to move in that direction. Is there anything I can do to help relay the information and/or get the correct eyes on this?

Nothing from your end per se - it’s purely a missing JAAS feature this side which needs resources allocated to get it done.

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We have an ubuntu advantage deal going on, I think @erik-lonroth may have carried ^bug over to the ubuntu advantage ticketing system as well. Not sure if that will help or not, but its over there also.

Good to know, thank you. We’ll raise it from this side also.

Yeah, I’ve logged a case for the issue and referenced this discussion along with the launchpad bug.

Thanx for the response and I will provide you with all info you need.