Charming Plan: BigBlueButton

This page is a follow-up to an earlier discussion:

Deploying BigBlueButton properly is complex. Here’s a diagram from the official architecture page:

We’ll take a staged approach. Rather than try to charm everything and then try to wire each of the charms together, we’ll start with one large charm and slim it down over time.

Stage Elements Benefit
1 (basic install)
  • all systems are deployed onto a large instance
  • Binary artifacts are deployed as resources
  • few (if any) relations
  • Juju becomes easy to deploy behind the firewall
  • create Scalelite charm
  • create BBB bundle
  • horizontal scaling of BBB becomes trivial
    1 (network) Simplify deployment behind the firewall
  • charm Coturn
  • add support for http/etc relations
  • 2 (database servers) Increased performance because contention is reduced
  • Revive MongoDB charm
  • Add MongoDB relation
  • Revive Redis charm
  • Add redis relation
  • 3 (application servers) Fewer load spikes on machines hosting meetings
  • create LibreOffice Server charm
  • create Etherpad charm
  • 3 (meeting) Cheaper scaling
  • FreeSWITCH
  • Kurento Media Server
  • BigBlueButton itself
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    The edgeyriders community seems interested in Jitsi. I might be able to convince that they help out here. But it would be a lower bar if it could go in nicely with Nextcloud…

    Update: A friend of mine is working professionally with nextcloud. I asked if it would be possible to create an integration and he thought so. He had setup a few Jitsi services as well… Might get some help there.

    Fantastic. I’ll create another thread for Jitsi. I created this one because I have been chatting to upstream. There’s the possibility for some extra support.

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