"Canonical. Cloud developers’ darling aiming at the Enterprise"

Paul Bevan, Research Director - IT Infrastructure at Bloor Research published an article on 24th Sept 2019 that provides his impressions of Canonical and one of its featured open source software products, Juju: “Canonical. Cloud developers’ darling aiming at the Enterprise”

If you are an app developer you will know about, and almost certainly be using Canonical’s Ubuntu operating system to develop and run those apps in the public cloud. Market share statistics are notoriously hard to come by, but these statistics for EC2 images from TheCloudMarket.com indicate that Ubuntu has the largest share of operating systems and is over 13 times larger than Red Hat.


Canonical have formed a relationship with Atos, showcased at the analyst summit, whose Open Hybrid Cloud is based on Canonical’s infrastructure stack [including Juju]. Such arrangements with systems integrators are embryonic at this stage. But the way in which Canonical embrace and work with this channel, may be key in them gaining wider Enterprise adoption against a Red Hat and VMWare story which will lay heavy emphasis on helping customers on the journey to the Cloud.