Add windows machine to juju environment via winrm


I want to add a windows server 2019 machine to my juju environment.
I found the command juju add-machine winrm:<user>@<ip>
The winrm listeners are configured on the windows machine and accept basic authentication.
If I run the command in debug mode I have to enter the password. After that I will receive the following error:

ERROR error detecting windows characteristics: <nil>

Does someone know what the problem might be?

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I think this is probably related to Bug #1846240 “Add support for Windows 2019 series " : Bugs : juju where we’ve not fully added support for that currently. We’ll take a look. If you don’t mind hopping into that bug and subscribing it’d be great to have someone looking to use it to help test things as we add the support and attempt to validate it’s working smoothly for folks.

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Thanks for your response.
Sure I am interested in testing windows integration. I subscribed and will test if there is some progress.

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@molankes Have you been able to make any progress?

Windows with juju sounds exciting. Love to hear more about this.

I’ve found:

but I haven’t tried it on juju yet

No I wasn’t.
I think there is no progress on the bug above.