2.4.6 Release Notes

This is primarily a bugfix release for the 2.4 series but comes with one new feature and several improvements.

  • LP #1801765 - goal state calculation for subordinates seems wrong
  • LP #1802033 - juju bundle-export does not include options, endpoint bindings

For the full list of fixes and additions, see the 2.4.6 milestone.

Get Juju

The easiest way to install Juju is by using the snap package:

  sudo snap install juju --classic

Those already using the ‘stable’ snap channel (the default as per the above command) should be upgraded automatically. Other packages are available for a variety of platforms (see the install documentation).

Feedback appreciated

Let us know how you’re using Juju or of any questions you may have. You can join us on Discourse, send us a message on Twitter (hashtag #jujucharms), or talk to us in the #juju IRC channel on freenode.

More information

To learn more about Juju visit our home page at https://jujucharms.com.