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Advanced configuration

Juju Kubernetes applications support Kubernets specific configuration knobs to control how Juju deploys the application on Kubernetes. The following are supported (these names are the Juju config attribute names; the k8s…

5 May 8, 2020
Writing a Kubernetes charm

Introduction Kubernetes charms are the similar as traditional cloud charms. The same model is used. An application has units and each unit relation has its own data bag. The same hooks are invoked but unlike traditional …

24 March 12, 2020
Juju operator storage

What is operator storage Juju creates a so-called operator pod for each deployed application. The operator pod is responsible for running the charm hooks for each deployed unit’s charm. Each charm needs persistent storag…

5 April 16, 2019
Meta: Collected topics and docs for k8s charms

These are some topics and docs that I have found useful for reference when working on charms for Kubernetes models: Hello World with Juju and Microk8s - the easiest way to get started Topic: Juju, Kubernetes and mic…

2 February 1, 2019
Cloud and credential management

Juju models Kubernetes clusters as clouds The Kubernetes cloud definition contains the IP endpoint address of the master node and the CA cert necessary to establish a secure connection. Credentials work the same way as …

2 August 14, 2018
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